Ad Age Agency Collective

For AGency leaders

Today’s agencies are more creative, diverse, and specialized than ever before. So are agency leaders. If you’re an innovative agency leader, we want to learn all about your plans to shake up the industry — and help you do it.

Who Qualifies

We’re looking for agency leaders who are breaking ground and leading their teams and clients to success. We can’t wait to hear all about what you do, but first, make sure you meet our minimum criteria to apply.

  • Owner or senior-level executive of an agency that
  • Specializes in marketing, media, advertising, strategy, market research, PR, or digital, and
  • Operates out of North America and
  • Has at least $2M in revenue or $1M in funding

Why Join


Today’s agencies need to partner strategically with their clients and with others in the industry that can help expand capactiy and optimize strengths. Our curated Ad Age Collective is composed of the best minds across marketing and media. Tap into one another’s expertise to form smart relationships.


The biggest clients, the best hires — they all want to know what makes your agency the right choice for them. Ad Age is where decision-makers look for advice. We’ll make sure you’re on display, showcasing your core competencies and the stories that separate you and your agency from the competition.


The most successful agencies have to balance breakthrough creativity with smart business strategy. Our expert team of business growth coaches can help you hone all your innovation into intelligent decision making with real results on your bottom line.

Featured Members

Michael Mothner

Founder and CEO

Robyn Streisand

CEO & Founder
The Mixx & Titanium Worldwide

David Gardner

Founder and CEO

Tim Maleeny

President & Chief Strategy Officer
Havas New York

Tina Wells

Founder and CEO
Buzz Marketing Group

Reid Carr

Red Door Interactive

DJ Saul


Eric Siu

Single Grain